Name: Vitor Lopes

Age: 18 years

Handicap: +3

Sponsored by: TaylorMade

1. Do you have any golf superstitions?

No not really, I believe in hard work.Vitor

2. Who would play in your dream fourball?

Ernie Els , Tiger woods and Cristiano Ronaldo

3. Who is your favourite sportsperson and why?

Cristiano Ronaldo, as he is so dedicated to what he does and he never gives up.

4. What is your favourite on course snack?

Tuna sandwich and a banana.

5. If you could have any golfer follow you on twitter who would it be?

Rory, so he can see who is coming after him!

6. What is the best golfing advice you have ever received?

“On tour , It doesn’t get better than that! Keep working hard” by Paul McGinley.

7. What is your biggest golfing achievement to date?

Portuguese Amateur Champion

8. Apart from your clubs and golf balls, what else would we find in your golf bag?

Lots of coins,pitch repairers, a brush to clean my clubs and maybe an old banana!

9. Any advice for junior golfers aspiring to qualify for The Telegraph BMW Junior Golf Championship Final 2015?

Just work hard , because it is a great reward when you are at the Final, its such an amazing tournament with great organization.


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